For patients with spinal cord and brain injuries requires a different level of care. Our highly valued approach improves patient care and promotes quality outcomes.

The story of Accord Services® is one of inspiration, determination, and sheer hard work. It’s led by innovation, pushing the barriers of care and rehabilitation for spinal cord and brain injuries.

Accord Services’ highly trained and experienced nurses deliver proactive, preventive care to our patients.

We are a different kind of home healthcare service. We are the industry leader that specializes solely in spinal cord and brain injuries. Here, you will find a great place to work that strives to always be three traditions of excellence: Hopeful. Optimistic. Positive. We create this encouraging environment for our patients with the highest standards and methods of care.

Specializing in catastrophic and complex injuries

In-home patients should have access to the latest advances in medical technology and the best-trained nurses.

Accord Services is an expert in providing best-in-class care for the most difficult clinical cases, including spinal cord and brain injuries, strokes, neurological disorders, burns, and complex orthopedic injuries.

Our nurses can help you create a good life at home after your injury. As members of the Accord Services team, we collectively commit to reflect the following core values in all we do:

  • The highest standards of professional care
  • An inclusive and welcoming environment
  • Mutual trust in our relationships with each other and those we serve in health care and the community
  • Productive partnerships
  • A connected engaged community
  • An environment that rewards ingenuity, innovation, resourcefulness, and learning
  • A rewarding work environment where nurses thrive

We wrote the book on caring for spinal cord and brain injury patients


Nurse Kathy Adams and her husband, Steve, co-founded Accord Services in October 2001. This practice was founded by medical professional focuses on respect and devoted to addressing the need for a higher standard of care for catastrophic injury patients who were transitioning from hospital to home. Kathy wrote the definitive book on caring for patients with these needs.


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We believe our first responsibility is to our patients and nurses. For us they are close family, but we treat everyone as an individual. We value our nurse’s kindness, compassion and the comfort they bring to their patients. But more than that our nurses are innovative in meeting our patients’ needs. We respect the dignity of our patients and do everything we can for their physical and mental health. At Accord you will see a powerful ethic of caring, work and family.