Case managers occupy a unique role, overseeing and coordinating the many facets of care necessary to provide clients with their happiest, healthiest lives. At Accord Services, your goals are our goals. We closely partner with case managers to ensure that clients’ care plans are diligently carried out.

Severe brain, spinal cord, or burn injuries are complex by nature, with high potential for complication. Hospital readmission rates tend to be high, and the lifetime expense can be significant. Our commitment to preventative care anticipates and addresses potential complications in real time, minimizing the need for re-hospitalizations while keeping costs down.

Accord Services understands the specific vulnerabilities of clients with catastrophic and complex injuries. We train our staff on how to be vigilant, to anticipate complications, to be proactive about preventing the preventable, and to communicate with case managers. We are highly responsive and are available to case managers and clients twenty-four hours a day.