Reduced hospital visits create happier, healthier lives.

Accord Services® is committed to safeguarding patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. Taking time to listen to families is one of the most important values that Accord Services advocates to nurses. Building a trusting relationship with each patient is essential. As a case manager, your aim is to improve your patient’s quality of life, no matter their situation.

Treatment and rehabilitation after spinal cord and brain injuries can be difficult. Here at Accord Services, we have the best-trained nurse specialists for people who have suffered from a variety of spinal cord and brain injuries.

We bring in our focused, clinical approach to stay on top of their medical needs.  Our nurses bring real-world clinical experience and critical hands-on experience. Our nurses’ skills provide safe and effective care. They are dedicated to making a difference in patient’s lives and they treat their patients with the utmost respect and compassion. 

Our nurse-focused practice delivers high level care to patients, and leads to better health outcomes. That’s why the Accord Services makes continuous learning a cornerstone of its program.


Spinal and brain injuries can be overwhelming.

The healthcare professionals of Accord Services will collaborate with you and provide the service and care you need for your client. 

By working with Accord Services, you partner with your client for the best outcome, Accord Services has developed “Electronic Notes” to make accessing client information fast and easier.


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We believe our first responsibility is to our patients and nurses. For us they are close family, but we treat everyone as an individual. We value our nurse’s kindness, compassion and the comfort they bring to their patients. But more than that our nurses are innovative in meeting our patients’ needs. We respect the dignity of our patients and do everything we can for their physical and mental health. At Accord you will see a powerful ethic of caring, work and family.