Hospitalization is an extreme disruption to a client’s health and happiness. Re-hospitalizations in particular put clients at an elevated risk for infections, complications, and emotional distress.

Accord Services works proactively to reduce the need for re-hospitalization. Our nurses are vigilant and highly skilled at anticipating potential issues, taking corrective steps as needed to prevent health concerns from worsening, and coordinating with care managers and appropriate clinical team members to allow clients to continue receiving care in their homes.

Research from the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has found that up to 75% of re-hospitalizations are preventable, and nine out of ten are completely unplanned. The vast majority of patients who return to the hospital live alone, with minimal healthcare oversight and support. Difficulties arise because individuals either don’t take their prescribed medications correctly or fail to monitor and report changes in their condition. Accord Services nurses are specially trained to ensure medications are taken as directed and provide continual oversight of a patient’s well-being.

Annually, 50-60% of people with SCI are readmitted to the hospital
(Source: Northeast Florida Medicine, Vol. 60; No. 3 2009)

Among SCI Workers’ Compensation clients:
  • 62% of claimants were readmitted at least once in the first 5 years following injury
  • Multiple readmissions are common, with 14% of cases being readmitted more than once a year
  • Some patients were readmitted 6-7 times in a single year

(Source: “Services provided following compensable work-related tetraplegia”. A.E. Young, B. Webster, et al. © 2004 International Spinal Cord Society)

Rehospitalizations tend to be lengthy, averaging 3-4 weeks per episode

Mean # Days of Rehospitalization:
  • 24.8 in year 1
  • 27 in year 2
  • 22.3 in year 5
  • 22.5 in year 10

(Source: 2010 NSCISC Annual Statistical Report)

Median cost for each rehospitalization for work-related SCI is about $20,000.
(Source: Occupational Spinal Cord Injury – Epidermiology and Costs. Dr. Panagiotis V. Tusklike)

The number one cause of rehospitalization is diseases of the genitourinary system, followed by diseases of the skin.
(Source: 2010 NSCISC Annual Statistical Report)