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Empowering nurses to deliver the highest-quality in-home care

We wrote the book on spinal cord and brain injury homecare!

The mission of Accord Services® is to train nurses to become exceptional professionals and to lead the discipline through practice, innovation, and service. Accord Services’ homecare nurses and healthcare professionals lead rewarding lives with a high level of personal satisfaction as well as fulfilling careers. Our training in homecare, focused on brain and spinal injuries, sets you apart in today’s competitive market, regardless of where you are now or where you want to go.

Patients with spinal cord and brain injuries require a very special kind of care, which calls for a different skill set and educational preparation. Our outstanding reputation for nursing excellence is recognized within our very competitive profession. You will gain a lot of value from our one-of-a-kind nursing experience. Accord Services understands the specific vulnerabilities of catastrophic injuries. We train our staff to be vigilant and to anticipate and proactively prevent complications.

Studies show that many readmissions are avoidable if there is attentive and proactive care.

When you work with Accord Services, you are focused on one patient. That means you are not pulled in many different directions. You know your patient’s needs and they know you, so you experience a more fulfilling career. You know your schedule, you understand your patient, and you know how to tailor your care to help those suffering live a better quality of life.

There are many other reasons you should consider a career at Accord Services. We offer you the opportunity to make a difference, to have a high degree of flexibility for work/life balance, and to build a career with excellent opportunities for future advancement. Our inclusive and welcoming environment treats every employee with dignity and respect.


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We believe our first responsibility is to our patients and nurses. For us they are close family, but we treat everyone as an individual. We value our nurse’s kindness, compassion and the comfort they bring to their patients. But more than that our nurses are innovative in meeting our patients’ needs. We respect the dignity of our patients and do everything we can for their physical and mental health. At Accord you will see a powerful ethic of caring, work and family.