Better Outcomes and a Superior Standard of Care

Accord Services provides in-home nursing services exclusively to people who have experienced a catastrophic medical event. Our one-of-a-kind focus allows our specialty trained nurses – RNs, LPNs,and CNAs – to provide a superior standard of care. Our approach to catastrophic care, developed from more than 30 years of experience, enables us to manage the inevitable complications and, thereby, reduce rehospitalizations.We allow injured workers to enjoy their happiest, healthiest life at home.


Accord Services’ homecare nurses and healthcare professionals lead rewarding lives with a high level of personal satisfaction as well as fulfilling careers.


Caring for patients with brain and spinal injuries requires a different level of care. Our highly valued approach improves patient care and promotes quality outcomes.


Accord Services® focuses on safeguarding patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. Our goal is to reduce hospital visits and create better outcomes with cost-effective care.

The only in-home nursing
service focused on spinal
cord and brain injuries

Experts in workers compensation cases for spinal cord and brain injuries


I have worked with Accord on lots of cases. I see them as a valuable resource and a partner … They work with us as a team. When issues come up, they’re the first to roll up their sleeves and say, How are we going to do this differently next time to get better results? What really stands out about Accord Services is that they’re totally dependable and they take personal responsibility for each case. I know I can call Accord Services at 3 AM and they’ll be there for me. I can always count on them. The people who know use Accord.

Loraine Kaliher


It has been my experience working with Accord Services over the last 10 years that the staff provide the most professional and dependable care for my patients.  The level of expertise exceeds any home care agency I have worked with in the past.  Accord Services has always made a special effort to meet patients’ needs.

The Nursing Care Coordinators at Accord Services stay in close contact to provide updates and report any problems or situations that may occur resulting in a speedy resolution.  What makes Accord Services exceptional is not only their professionalism and high quality of care; but also taking time to listen to the patient and go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Accord Services is my first choice with home health providers for professionalism, dependability and continuity of patient care.

Angela Linn, RN, BS, CCM


As a catastrophic workers comp case manager, I have worked with many home health agencies throughout the state.  For specialized care for SCI or TBI clients, I turn to Accord Services.  The highly trained staff, quality of care provided and management team are just a few reasons I choose Accord Services.  With Accord, my clients have a reduction in skin issues, reduction in hospital re-admissions and an increase in quality of life experiences daily.  Accord has always been willing to be flexible and develop a case specific home health care plan as well as work as a team with the case parties to achieve success.

Tina Booker, RN, BSN, CCM


Accord Services is Now a Member of the AccordCare Family of Companies