“Always a pleasure working with Accord. They are professional and courteous.

Robert Muller, CPCU, AIC

“I have worked with Accord on lots of cases. I see them as a valuable resource and a partner…They work with us as a team. When issues come up, they’re the first to roll up their sleeves and say, How are we going to do this differently next time to get better results? What really stands out about Accord Services is that they’re totally dependable and they take personal responsibility for each case. I know I can call Accord Services at 3 AM and they’ll be there for me. I can always count on them. The people who know use Accord.”

Loraine Kaliher, Paradigm Network

“As a catastrophic case manager, I coordinate complex files and utilize vendors who can accomplish a sound medical action with good outcomes. I consistently refer complex files to Accord Services for home care for two reasons:…

 From a management aspect, they are available 24/7 with no more than a ten-minute turn-around call back. They have good documentation; communication is excellent; they follow state guidelines under their license for home care, are professional and well trained in infection control, wounds, ventilators, head injuries, spinal injuries, burns and amputations

 From a patient aspect, I have never had a patient with skin breakdown; their rapport with clients is good; they problem-solve to obtain a medical goal; they bring observations to the physician appointments, create good nursing plans which are in place in the home with the documentation book and change these plans on an ongoing basis.

I recommend this company to many medical professionals, and have been able to change a carrier vendor list for home care based on the above information, which has been a benefit to the patient and all the parties within that referral source.”

Judi Mehl, RN, MSN, CDMS, CCM, Catastrophic Case Manager