Press Release: Accord Services® expanding home health services outside of Georgia

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ATLANTA, GA (June 14, 2016) – Accord Services, a leading provider of home health care for complex and catastrophic injuries, is expanding its highly specialized care to Alabama and surrounding areas. Accord Services was founded in 2001 in response to growing demand for long-term home health care services, as patients transition from the hospital setting to the home. Since its inception, Accord Services has been a preferred provider for case managers throughout Georgia, providing unparalleled service and care.

Accord Services was born out of The Shepherd Center, ranked as one of the top ten rehabilitation hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, by a respected Shepherd-trained nurse, Kathy Adams, RN, CRNN. Adams has dedicated her career to caring for individuals whose lives have been forever changed by catastrophic injury. Through her leadership and the work of her dedicated staff and caregivers, Accord Services has earned an excellent reputation for catastrophic home health care in Georgia.

In order to pursue her dream of expanding Accord Services nursing care to local communities nationwide, Kathy decided to partner with Coppermine Capital, a Boston-based private investment firm. Coppermine’s role is to provide Accord Services with the financial backing and business support to make Accord Services the best it can be. Grant Gund, Managing Partner of Coppermine Capital says, “We partnered with Accord Services because of Kathy and her team’s expertise in the market, their unparalleled commitment to delivering quality care and outcomes, and their integrity in serving the unique needs of clients and their families.”

Adams explains, “I am incredibly passionate about providing care to the critically injured. I believe Accord Service’s expertise and level of care should be available to those who need it. By partnering with Coppermine, I will be able to make my passion a reality. The quality of the care we provide is job one and that is something Accord Services will always have as our top priority.”

The Accord Service’s brand, with its prominent dragonfly logo, symbolizes the changing perspective of reality after a life- altering injury. “Through self-discovery, our clients see beyond what society defines as human limitation,” says Adams. “Caring for these very special individuals is so near and dear to my heart, and I am thrilled we can take our exceptional quality care nationwide. The dragonfly not only represents change and renewal for our clients, but also symbolizes the renewal of my own personal dream.”

Accord Services, Marietta, GA, specializes in highly collaborative compassionate care for individuals with complex and catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury, as well burn and wound care. Highly skilled and certified Accord Services’ nurses provide a superior standard of care continuity, resulting in better outcomes as measured by minimal setbacks and low hospital readmission rates. Accord Services also employs more nurse supervisors than any other home health services company in Georgia. Visit for more information or call 866-922-2673.