Our Exclusive Focus Delivers Peace of Mind

Accord Services® specializes in the care of catastrophic and complex injuries. Unlike most other in-house healthcare companies, that’s all we do. Our exclusive focus on TBI, SCI, and other catastrophic injuries means our depth of experience and expertise in this field is unmatched.

Our “One Size Fits One” Approach Works

Every client’s road to recovery is unique. That’s why our “One Size Fits One” approach to care is so effective. We take special care in matching our clients with the right caregiver. Care plans are individually tailored to best meet client needs – both physical and emotional.

We Provide a Higher Standard of Care

With highly trained on-staff nurses and more nurse supervisors than any other company in Georgia and Alabama, we provide a higher standard of care designed to create better outcomes. Our nurses are trained to anticipate problems, prevent the preventable, and handle crises. All of our personnel are screened and trained by Accord Services® and are CPR-certified. All are credentialed and licensed by the State of Georgia.

Our Top Priority: Better Outcomes for Clients

Accord Services®’ clients achieve the best possible outcomes under our care. That is because of our superior standard of care – with higher-skilled, experienced nurses, careful matching of clients to caregivers, and strong continuity of care – is designed to create better outcomes. This approach results in a better quality of life for our clientele by objectively observable metrics like low rates of rehospitalization and minimal setbacks.

Always There: We’re On Call 24/7

Only Accord Services® has 24/7 live on-call services. Our clients and customers can rely on us for whatever they need, at any hour of the day or night. We know that your needs don’t stop at 5 pm, and that’s why our services don’t either. Accord Services® is always there when we’re needed.

Close Partnerships Ensure All Needs Are Met

Accord Services® fosters close partnerships and proactive communications with everyone involved in a client’s care, so all hand-offs among caregivers are well orchestrated and caregivers are in sync on patient care. That’s how we deliver peace of mind and that’s why we’re one of the most trusted and referred agencies in the state.